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22.01.2013 16:00

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG uses artec technologies‘ XENTAURIX for TV-ratings analysis

Since December 2012 ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG has been using a solution especially developed for the company by artec technologies. The solution is based on the XENTAURIX Broadcast Logger and is used for the internal TV-ratings analysis.

SHM Broadcast is happy to have found a solution for the long-term customer ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG. Due to the special development the system is customized to the company’s needs.

The TV-rating analysis plays a major role in almost all business areas – broadcast planning, in the editorial department as well as in marketing and for advertisers. As the requirements of such a system change over time the media company wanted to replace the old system, they started analyzing the market for that kind of solutions in 2011. The focus lay on high adaptability of the system to be able to react to future requirements. SHM Broadcast was able to provide the perfect solution with its partner artec technologies and their XENTAURIX Broadcast Logger.

The XENTAURIX Broadcast Logger is already used by many well-known private and public TV-stations. Due to its modular and freely configurable design it offers the basis for recording and storing the content of numerous TV-channels for different customers with diverse applications.

Based on modules like recording, replay, clip-making, and search via calendar or metadata further modules for TV-ratings analysis were developed. These additional functions include audience spread and market share analysis, audience flow and affinity which may be set in relation to other TV-channels.

The new system combines GfK data and the video contents and metadata exact to the split second. The results are displayed in an appealing way. Of course, the gathered data and context can be exported and printed out.

Since December 2012 the system is used at Unterföhring and guarantees simultaneous access to data and videos from 15 TV-channels for several hundred users. Each user has the possibility to adjust the user interface and the modules to his needs.

With SHM Broadcast (Forstinning/Germany) as distributor and service provider for the system, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG has a strong, local partner who is able to quickly react to the customer’s requirements. In cooperation with the manufacturer artec technologies (Diepholz/Germany) a rapid implementation of system expansions is possible since in the area of analysis topics like online data, media center access etc. become more and more important.